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The entitled generation

Last week I watched a news report on a new type of life crisis.  Well, sort of.  A young reporter discussed the many difficulties facing the 25-year-olds as they finish college.  Wait a minute?  Why are 25-year-olds just finishing college?  Did they take a few years off along the way?  How did they do that?

I thought about what would have happened to my brothers or me if we tried to explain to our father how we needed a few years off to find ourselves, to figure out what we wanted out of life, to see where we fit in this world.  That was a brief thought.

Killing is legal in Kansas

“We specialize in ‘late’ abortion care.  We are able to perform elective abortions to the time in the pregnancy when the fetus is viable.  We manage the pregnancy by the premature birth of a stillborn.  We have more experience than anyone else currently practicing in the Western Hemisphere, Europe and Australia.” 

In layman’s language this says, “We will end your pregnancy so late in the pregnancy that you could have had a live, healthy baby.  We get rid of the baby by first killing him or her while still inside you, and then give you drugs so you deliver a dead baby.  We have killed more babies this way than anyone else in the Western Hemisphere, Europe and Australia.”

Sand and stone – NEW YEAR’S

There is a story about two merchants in ancient Persia, Mussah and Nagib.  They were traveling together in a caravan and one evening set up camp near a river’s edge.  Nagib accidentally fell into the river and Mussah, without hesitation, jumped in and saved his friend.  Nagib immediately had his servant carve on the face of a nearby stone, “Traveler, in this place did Mussah heroically save the life of his friend Nagib.” 


Neonaticide is murdering your baby within 24 hours of birth.  Can you imagine anything more horrible?  How could a mother simply murder her child, sometimes throwing “it” in a dumpster?  Why do these mothers not avail themselves of the safe and legal option of leaving the baby at a safe haven location?  All 50 states now have safe haven laws allowing an individual to leave a newborn at designated locations, usually without any legal consequences. 

Has marriage outlived its usefulness?

A few weeks ago, I discussed cohabitation and the problems associated with it.  Is marriage necessarily better?  What if the problems associated with marriages are as bad as, or worse than, the problems associated with cohabitation?  Maybe cohabitation is the lesser of two evils.

Is marriage just an archaic carryover from a time gone by, its tenants and vows outdated in our modern, enlightened, progressive world?  Cohabitating is no longer discussed in whispers, apparently no longer shameful.  So why marry? 

When is abortion not murder?

The last time I wrote on abortion I learned a great deal about myself; individuals graciously reminding me of flaws in my character, lapses in my education, and deficiencies in my intellect.  Acknowledging my incompetence; let us again talk about abortion.

The power of advertising prescription medications

Traditionally, pharmaceutical advertising has focused on advertisements in medical journals and sending representatives to meet with individual physicians.  During the last ten years, their advertising has increased over four-fold and they have also added direct to consumer advertising (DTCA).  According to Emergency Medical Abstracts, only the United States and New Zealand allow DTCA.  Is there a reason most nations do not allow pharmaceutical advertising?  Are expensive commercials the right way to select a medication?  Have you ever seen a television advertisement for an inexpensive medication?

Use as intended and die

Imagine selling a product that kills the consumer if they use it as intended.  Then imagine convincing our government to allow it to remain legal.  It is a one of a kind product, legal and if used appropriately, lethal.  It is cigarettes.  We have other products available to us that would kill us if we abused them.  But cigarettes alone are the only product with government sanctioning to kill.  Does it seem a bit absurd something this dangerous is legal?  The validity of the medical data is beyond debate, unless you are a tobacco company executive testifying before Congress; then the data are highly questionable. 

Introduction to men and women

I am approaching thirty years in our emergency room.  I am not sure I can any longer recall patients I have seen, the histories I have taken.  Some histories are fascinating, some adding to my life education knowledge I never needed to know. The one constant that has remained throughout these years is that men and women are staggeringly different.  More important, those differences never diminish or go away.

Perspective – NEW YEAR’S

We are facing another new year, the time to reflect on the past while anticipating the future.  This is the time of promises of changes we wish for the next year.  This is the time to remember the good and the bad of yesterday.  This is the time to remember the successes and failures of the past while maintaining optimism for the future.  How wonderful was yesterday?  How great may tomorrow be? 

Is the Hippocratic Oath no longer relevant?

The Hippocratic Oath has endured for more than 2,400 years, penned 400 years before the birth of Christ.

G.E.R. Lloyd described the Hippocratic Oath as “an ideal gold ethics standard representing a clear dividing line separating healers and killers, a commitment that physicians make to protect life, and never to deliberately take life.”