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The intolerant demand tolerance

During the Miss Universe pageant, judge Perez Hilton asked Miss California, Carrie Prejean, if all states should legalize same sex marriage.  She responded that people should have the right to live as they choose but she personally believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.  She lost the crown, followed by a degrading, childish personal attack from Hilton. 

What do we do when the intolerant demand tolerance?  What do we do when the hateful demand understanding?  This is exactly the behavior I was discussing last week;  the people so vocally demanding tolerance are the people who are the most intolerant, the people so vocally demanding understanding are the people who are most prejudiced. 

Killing is legal in Kansas

“We specialize in ‘late’ abortion care.  We are able to perform elective abortions to the time in the pregnancy when the fetus is viable.  We manage the pregnancy by the premature birth of a stillborn.  We have more experience than anyone else currently practicing in the Western Hemisphere, Europe and Australia.” 

In layman’s language this says, “We will end your pregnancy so late in the pregnancy that you could have had a live, healthy baby.  We get rid of the baby by first killing him or her while still inside you, and then give you drugs so you deliver a dead baby.  We have killed more babies this way than anyone else in the Western Hemisphere, Europe and Australia.”

Who decides right and wrong?

Recently, my wife and I went to Mexico with some friends who have a timeshare in Los Cabos, arriving the day the community started celebrating its annual Fiesta. It was much like our state fair, with carnival rides, food areas, and booths with items for sale. But, one “attraction” was decidedly different. Each evening they had cockfighting. 

I have read about this “sport,” but I have never witnessed it firsthand. So, one evening our wives headed back to the hotel and my friend and I headed to the cockfights. They were held in a large, circus style tent in an arena surrounded by elevated seating. 

Responsibility and self-respect

George Bernard Shaw said, “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” Are we willing to abandon self-respect for a handout? Are we willing to surrender risk and reward for indentured servitude to the government? Are we willing to exchange freedom and opportunity for a welfare state?   

We condemn the woman who recently gave birth to eight babies; eight babies the taxpayers will have the privilege of paying for. Do we have the right to disparage her? Is she really that different from the rest of us? Might she actually be a mirror, a mirror showing us ourselves? What do we see in that mirror? Do we see responsibility? Do we see self-respect? Why are we able to criticize other people’s irresponsibility while failing to recognize our own?