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Has marriage outlived its usefulness?

A few weeks ago, I discussed cohabitation and the problems associated with it.  Is marriage necessarily better?  What if the problems associated with marriages are as bad as, or worse than, the problems associated with cohabitation?  Maybe cohabitation is the lesser of two evils.

Is marriage just an archaic carryover from a time gone by, its tenants and vows outdated in our modern, enlightened, progressive world?  Cohabitating is no longer discussed in whispers, apparently no longer shameful.  So why marry? 

Cohabitation – still just shacking up

It’s called cohabitation, the progressive, enlightened, and politically correct term for old-fashioned shacking up.  The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development reports that “cohabitation, once rare, is now the norm.”  Roughly 10% of couples living together are not married.  It used to be wrong, discussed in whispers.  Our mothers would point to those who “lived together,” explaining in hushed tones they were not married.  What changed?  Were our mothers wrong? 

Introduction to men and women

I am approaching thirty years in our emergency room.  I am not sure I can any longer recall patients I have seen, the histories I have taken.  Some histories are fascinating, some adding to my life education knowledge I never needed to know. The one constant that has remained throughout these years is that men and women are staggeringly different.  More important, those differences never diminish or go away.