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A state religion?

Understanding the founding fathers’ fears of government offers insight into the meaning of their words in the United States Constitution. Many of their demanded freedoms were born from the British trail of William Penn who challenged the sovereignty of the Church of England, the state religion. On its steps, he dared to gather and preach […]

God bless America

Is the day coming when we must say “In nothing we trust,” or “So help me nothing,” or “Nothing bless America?”  Educators in Woodbury, Vermont cowered to such demands and make students who want to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to do so away from the classroom, so no one can hear the word God.  […]

Science or religion – must we choose?

Intelligent design or random chance?

Is it one or the other?  Don’t ask me to give up my faith.  Don’t ask me to give up my science.  Who’s right?  Who’s wrong?  What did Darwin say about evolution, about random chance?  What does the Bible say about intelligent design, about God? I refer to the Bible because that is my faith.  […]

The United States – “One nation under God?”

The funeral of a United States serviceman, who was killed in combat, ignited the debate over God and government.   Is it inappropriate to mention God at a military funeral?  Did we vote to become an agnostic nation?  The debate continues because some individuals and groups believe any mention of God in government violates the “separation […]