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Michael, Tiger and Ed

Do you recognize these men? I suspect you know two of them. Michael is Michael Jackson, his death garnering more media attention than President Reagan’s funeral. Tiger is Tiger Woods, his philandering capturing near continuous media attention with each new girlfriend revealed.

But who is Ed? We know every detail about Michael, the little boys, the drugs, everything. We know every detail about Tiger, even which golf club damaged his car and the name of every woman he “encountered.”

But who is Ed? Do we know anything about Ed? Do we care? Should we care? How does the media decide who is newsworthy? To whom do the media answer?

Elite universities – principled?

Some of our nation’s elite universities, including Harvard, Columbia, Brown, Yale, Dartmouth, Stanford, Cornell, Princeton and Penn, produce many of our nation’s leaders. But, do they model the values we want in our leaders, the principles we aspire to as a country? Are they the principled guardians of the academic freedom and independent thought they claim to be? Do they really represent the best of America?

Many of these defenders of academic freedom ban ROTC and military recruiters from their campuses, even though they once educated large numbers of military officers. In past decades, Yale actually produced more Navy officers than the Naval Academy.

What do we see in our flag? – Fourth of July, 2009

A high school social studies teacher took a unique approach to teaching her classes the value of being an American.  She had all the student desks removed from her classroom. And, as each period’s class arrived, shocked there were no desks, she said to them, “I want you to have a desk, but before you can have one you have to tell me how you earned the right to sit at one of these desks.”  

Taps for the fallen brave – MEMORIAL DAY

Today we remember those who died in our nation’s service. Today we proudly display the American flag, a small flag in the living room window or a huge flag on a flagpole, the size is irrelevant. The flag is flown at half-staff until noon to honor the fallen brave, and then flown at full staff the remainder of the day. At 3:00 P.M. offer a moment of silence, remembering those who died for us. Memorial Day is the day we are not republicans or democrats, we are Americans, united honoring our war dead.

The Ivy Leagues vs. Supreme Court

Stanford and several other Ivy League universities continue to disregard the Supreme Court ruling of March 2006, which states they must either allow ROTC and military recruiters on campus or lose federal funding. 

Stanford argues they must refuse to allow ROTC on campus because the military is discriminating against homosexual individuals.  This stalemate came to a head in 1996 when Congress passed the Solomon Amendment, allowing the Secretary of Defense to deny federal funding to institutions of higher learning if they prevent ROTC or military recruitment on campus. 

U.S. must regain its resolve to defeat terrorism

Listening to our political leaders discuss Iraq and terrorism, I hear little discussion with real solutions. 

We must first separate the discussion of the war in Iraq from the discussion of terrorism, focusing on developing goals for both.  Rather than developing goals, our politicians’ discussions revolve around mandating deadlines, controlling troop numbers, and the like.  These are not goals but military management issues.  Our leaders need to focus on developing a well-defined goal that when reached, will allow our troops to come home.  How can we decide if it is time to withdraw from Iraq if we still have not determined what we want to accomplish before departing?