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Is the United States an empire in demise?

George Bernard Shaw said, “We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.” What did our Founding Fathers want for this United States of America? Did they want complacency? Did they hope for mediocrity? Did they dream of dependency? Or, did they demand freedom and opportunity; freedom and opportunity at any price. What have we fought and died for this past 223 years? 

Are we still that proud, patriotic people? What about 911? Was our response the same as following Pearl Harbor, when we were willing to take on the world? Compare that to 911, an even more heinous attack that intentionally targeted civilians. Well, we were appalled for a few weeks, maybe even a few months. 

U.S. must regain its resolve to defeat terrorism

Listening to our political leaders discuss Iraq and terrorism, I hear little discussion with real solutions. 

We must first separate the discussion of the war in Iraq from the discussion of terrorism, focusing on developing goals for both.  Rather than developing goals, our politicians’ discussions revolve around mandating deadlines, controlling troop numbers, and the like.  These are not goals but military management issues.  Our leaders need to focus on developing a well-defined goal that when reached, will allow our troops to come home.  How can we decide if it is time to withdraw from Iraq if we still have not determined what we want to accomplish before departing?