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Going home

For several months, I have been spending some time working in an emergency department in a suburb of Omaha, Nebraska; a few weeks ago taking a day off and driving 210 miles to the small town where I was born a little over 60 years ago, Holdrege, Nebraska. It was 52 years ago that we moved from Holdrege, and this was my first visit since that move.

Following my brother’s directions, I found the home where I was born and lived in during the first months of my life. I asked the owner if I could see the home and take a few pictures. It was a yellow painted cinder block house of about 500 square feet, little changed from 1950.

The best man I ever new – Father’s Day 2009

When the call came that August day, I was working at Safeway, stocking grocery shelves to earn money for college.  My dad was dead; a heart attack.  The family anchor was gone.

Dad was 60, I was 19, and too young to lose my dad.  I was at the age when you know the least, convinced you know the most.  The age when you are pretty sure your dad is outdated, out of touch, and not too bright.  The age when you cannot fathom the possibility you might be wrong.

Remembering good days

I watched a movie about a young couple trying to figure out how to get along with one another.   As they talked, the man asked the woman to describe a day she remembered as a good day.  She did not describe what I expected.

I wonder.  If we really think back on the good days in our lives, will they be what we think they will be? You know, the kind of day you will never forget, the kind of day you felt a quiet joyful peace?  Let’s spend some time remembering those days.  I bet some of those days at the top of your list will surprise you.