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“Give me the youth…”

What do a group of like-minded people do when they cannot convince society to agree with them?  How do they persuade society to not only acknowledge their values, but in the end to agree with those values?  

Look at the process of legalizing abortion.  Proponents first appealed to society, exaggerating the number of women dying from illegal abortions and claiming these deaths mandated legalizing abortion.  When that failed to get the needed support, they turned to the courts and got the desired outcome of legalizing abortion.   

Should gay marriage be legal?

On November 4th three more states passed constitutional amendments refusing to legalize gay marriage, raising the total to thirty states with similar amendments.  Gays were outraged at the outcome and at those who did not support legalizing gay marriage.

Gay rights activists are attacking the Mormon Church because it backed the initiative against gay marriage.  Gays told the church they “will pay a price.”  Gay rights activist John Aravosis said, “Utah is a hate state … and Mormons are persecutors.”  He promises that they will “destroy the Utah brand.”  Someone even terrorized Mormon temples in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City by sending letters containing a white powder.  And, Scott Eckern, artistic director of the California Musical Theater in Sacramento, was forced to resign by gay activists because he donated money to the campaign to not legalize gay marriage. 

Gay rights and employee benefits

Gay activist groups targeted Wal-Mart claiming they discriminate against gays because they deny them workers’ benefits and they gave Wal-Mart a “do not buy” rating.  Gays disagree with Wal-Mart’s continued refusal to grant benefits to the partners of cohabitating gay workers, unless the store is in one of the few states that legally recognize domestic partners. 

Is Wal-Mart’s decision discriminatory or is it commendable?  How often does a company the size of Wal-Mart challenge a self-proclaimed special interest group rather than compromise their values as other companies have?  A gay rights group claims, “Wal-Mart is moving in reverse on equal treatment of their employees.”  Is that true, or is Wal-Mart treating their employees fairly, regardless of lifestyle preferences?  All unmarried employees, either heterosexual or homosexual, who are cohabitating are considered single and all single employees are treated the same.