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Lead, follow or get out of the way

General George S. Patton said, “Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.” Mr. President, are you listening? We are nearing the end of the president’s second year in office and, as he promised, things have changed in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the question is not if things have changed, but have they improved.

The decision to go to war is political. The decision to end a war is political. But war itself is not. The president is expert at politics; the military is expert at war. The president must balance political realities with military realities. And during peacetime political realities often carry more weight than military ones. But during times of war, if military realities cannot carry more weight than political ones, should we even be at war?

‘Misbehavior before the enemy’

The president applauds the latest United Nations sanctions against Iran, saying they are the “toughest sanctions ever faced by the Iranian government.” Did he not hear Ahmadinejad describe them as “a used handkerchief that should be thrown in the waste bin?” Did he not hear him call the sanctions “pesky flies?” Is the president the only person in the world who actually believes the UN sanctions are of value?

Does he understand he is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and this duty is his primary constitutional responsibility? Does he understand that while he cowers before Iran, Americans die at the hands of Iranian-backed terrorists? Does he understand that his responsibility as commander-in-chief supersedes his world stage political posturing?

The fixer-upper

A fixer-upper – a project, usually a home or a piece of property that needs money and substantial sweat. It needs some maintenance, some redecorating, some reconstruction and some redesign; it is a real project, not just a weekend outing.

The project you selected could take years to finish, maybe a lifetime. But you knew that when you agreed to it. You knew you would occasionally wonder if you took on more than you could handle, if you got in over your head.

Israel or Palestine?

President Harry Truman said, “No two historians ever agree on what happened, and the damn thing is they both think they’re telling the truth.”

Imagine tracing your ancestry back thousands of years to the land they were driven from, the land you are now asking to have returned to you.  Imagine living on the land your ancestors walked 3000 years ago.  Imagine digging in the soil and finding primitive pottery from generations past.  Imagine. 

Don’t these people deserve that land, regardless of who has inhabited it since they left and regardless of who inhabits it now?  Don’t they have a right to their original homeland?  Don’t they have a right to their own state, their own nation?   

Remembering Pfc. Joseph Dwyer

Our country has a large group of people who hope we never go to war. No, they are not the people disparaging our military; rather, they are our military personnel. Our military is full of reluctant warriors who understand better than anyone the travesty of war. They know the price to be paid; but, unlike the rest of us, they are willing to pay it. They know the parents who will lose sons and daughters. They know the husbands and wives who will lose spouses. They know the children who will lose fathers and mothers. They know the reality of war the rest of us watch from a safe distance.

Why my friend came to America

I asked my friend, “Why did you come to America?”  He questioned with tears in his eyes and a quiver in his voice, “Why did I come to America?”  Why would a man leave his country, his heritage, the only home he knew?  Why would a man leave his country with no guarantees of the life that lay ahead?  Why would he move his family around the world to a foreign land, a foreign language, and start a new life? Moreover, why pick the United States over all other choices?