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A thank-you to mom for all she did – MOTHER’S DAY

The Sunday is Mother’s Day.   I would like to remember my mom, the woman dad often referred to as ‘Mother,’ rather than by her name, Alice.  He used the term ‘Mother’ when he was referring to her with admiration and respect.    

Recalling my childhood, I can now appreciate how difficult those years were for us, but especially for mom and dad.  Dad was a school teacher and in later years a principal and superintendent of schools.  But the income was meager.  I read one of his teaching contracts from the 1940s; he was paid $600 a year.  They were raised during and lived through the Depression.  And like many others of their generation, they had known hunger and difficult times.  They watched pennies like they were $100 bills.  Everything mattered.  Everything counted.  Nothing was wasted. 

The little-known link of Levis to yodeling

Some important information needed in life is left out of our educational system. One such bit of information is the history of Levi Strauss and the copper rivet.

How should we refer to such extraneous information?  Years ago when I was in medical school, acronyms were already taking over.  Everything had an acronym — “PMC” is used to refer to Portneuf Medical Center.  One of my professors spent far too much time considering the right acronym for this category of information.  He came up with LKFAWGAD (pronounced lick faug ad), an acronym for Little Known Facts About Who Gives A Damn.  Since the story of Levi Strauss is truly an all-American story, I would venture to say this is an important LKFAWGAD.