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Interrogation or torture?

The debate continues.  What is interrogation and what is torture?  Are there situations in which interrogation is inadequate, situations requiring something more? In the abstract, it seems rather easy to determine what is or is not morally acceptable, what is or is not torture.  But, how easy is the decision when it’s personal; when the lives at risk are American, when our national security is in jeopardy?  How far do we go to get information?  What would you be willing to do to a terrorist if the information they had could prevent another 9/11?  If you had a family member in the World Trade Towers and you were interrogating a terrorist before the destruction, would you still find waterboarding heinous?  If summarily executing a terrorist could save the life of an American soldier would you hesitate?  The urgency of these situations, according to Professor Darius Rejali of Reed College in Oregon, is “morally the only way a democratic society is able to justify torture.”