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Spoiled, dependent, entitled, indentured, enslaved

Are spoiled children born that way? According to British writer Roald Dahl, “Some children are spoiled and it is not their fault, it is their parents.” Spoiled children have parents who give them everything they want instead of teaching them to earn what they want, instead of teaching them responsibility and independence. Quite simply, parents of spoiled children fail to heed the advice of “The Country Parson,” Frank A. Clark, who said, “The most important thing that parents can teach their children is how to get along without them.”

Who are ‘real’ Americans

“Our great modern Republic.  May those who seek the blessings of its institutions and the protection of its flag remember the obligations they impose.”  President Ulysses S. Grant said it well.  It is a blessing to be an American, protected under its flag.

But who are the “real” Americans?  I recently had occasion to ask myself this question.  What is required to be an American?  Is it citizenship?  Is it being born in America, others remaining immigrant Americans?  Are some races, some religions more American than others?  How do we decide who the “real” Americans are?

Human beings all

Last week I wrote an article on homosexuality.  To suggest this is a volatile subject is a gross understatement.  The number of responses, the intensity of those responses, and the speed of those responses was overwhelming.  This could mean the topic should be off limits, it could mean dissenting opinions should not be printed, or it could mean this topic is so important, so volatile, so emotionally charged that more discussion is needed rather than less.  I would suggest making any topic off-limits is inappropriate.  I would further suggest deciding which opinions can and cannot be advanced is equally inappropriate.  Last, I would suggest these responses suggest this subject needs much more public discussion and debate.