Racism or common sense?

Reading about Arizona’s new law dealing with illegal aliens, I got the impression that Arizona had done something radical by requiring non-citizens to carry documents proving their legal status in our country. Not so. The new Arizona law only enforces existing federal law, the Alien Registration Act passed by Congress in 1940. Arizona is only enforcing federal law the federal government refuses to enforce. This is an act of necessity, of common sense and is Arizona’s latest attempt to deal with 450,000 criminals in the state. Remember, illegal aliens are criminals, not undocumented immigrants.

Three years ago, Arizona passed an employer sanctions law that punishes businesses that knowingly hire illegal aliens. The result? About 100,000 illegal aliens self-deported from Arizona, some to Mexico and some to other states.

Why did they voluntarily leave? One illegal alien complained that he no longer wanted to live in the United States because of the “oppressive environment.” Others returned to Mexico because “they didn’t want to live in fear, in terror.” Another added, “The new law gives us no other option than . . . going back to Mexico where we feel more comfortable.”

Isn’t that what we want? Don’t we want criminals to feel oppressed and uncomfortable? Don’t we want criminals to live in fear and terror? Don’t we want illegal aliens to self-deport, which is the ideal cost-effective solution. And when more states pass similar laws, self-deportation will increase the flow of illegal aliens to Mexico rather than other states.

Further, this is not an act of racism as claimed. Arizona is on the Mexican border, leading to the logical assumption that most of its illegal aliens are from Mexico. Arizona is only profiling criminals for arrest and deportation. Remember, profiling is not synonymous with racism. Israeli profilers are the proof that behavioral profiling both works, and is not racist.

Clarence B. Jones, Scholar in Residence at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute at Stanford University suggests that if people want to protest, they should protest against the inaction of our government and Mexico’s government. These governments failed, not Arizona. Mexico is more than willing to allow us to support its citizens. And, our politicians are more than willing to call them undocumented immigrants rather than illegal aliens, pandering for votes rather than doing their job.

The President suggested Arizona’s new law is irresponsible and “undermines (the) basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans.” Really? How can that be true when all Arizona is doing is enforcing existing federal law? Apparently, the federal government now defines basic fairness as spending $3 billion on “cash for clunkers” while expecting Arizona to spend $1.3 billion every year for the medical care, education and incarceration of illegal aliens. This is a “basic notion of fairness?”

Our federal government willingly does what the Constitution does not allow while refusing to do what the Constitution demands. And contrary to what we hear from Washington, we do not need new laws to deal with illegal aliens; we just need the federal government to enforce existing law. All Arizona did was say, “Enough is enough,” its governor describing it well when she said her state is trying to “solve a crisis we did not create and the federal government has refused to fix.”

If Al Sharpton wants to rid Arizona of his claimed racism, then deport the illegal aliens and free American citizens of Hispanic descent from the unfair stares questioning their citizenship. They deserve to be just another citizen. Although unfair, in a state spending billions of dollars supporting illegal aliens who are mostly from Mexico, it is understandable that non-Mexican citizens will look at all Mexicans as potential illegal aliens.

The real discrimination is the federal government expecting American citizens to pay for the cost of its negligence. It is not racist to secure our borders, to profile criminals, to deport illegal aliens. It is not racist to return United States citizenship to the cherished status it deserves.

It is reality. It is common sense. It is not racism.

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3 Responses to “Racism or common sense?”

  • Don Stallsmith says:

    May 10 2010
    Dr. Bosley; Your column today was terrific. I’m sure that you will take alot of heat on this one. Thanks for telling it the way it is. Once again Thanks and May God Continue to Bless You and yor family.
    Don Stallsmith


  • Craig Bosley says:


    Thank you. You always make my day.



  • Michael O. Kreps says:

    Dr. Bosley

    Thanks for speaking the truth. As a retired Federal law enforcement agent I have observed for years the neglect our political dunderheads refused to secure our borders, enforce the existing laws to control illegal aliens from entering our country. They failed so the state of Arizona had to clean up their mess. Enforce the law that a business can’t hire illegals and a great portion of the mess will go away. Then concentrate on building a secure fence and patrol it to stop the border crossing. It is so simple to correct even a cave man could do it. But our political hacks in Washington are preshistoric and can only concentrate on the next election.




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